SFX 2008

Grant Family Gathering
September 5,6 and 7, 2008

Descendents of Cuthbert Grant Jr., (1793 – 1854), descendents of Cuthbert’s sisters and those who want to learn more about the first leader of the Metis people, will meet with relatives and friends to share and celebrate family history…..

…..at St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada This village on the Whitehorse Plains was founded by Cuthbert Grant in 1824. It was called “Grantown” for several decades until it became known by the name of its parish church “St. Francois Xavier”. The community is located west of Winnipeg, just off the Trans Canada Highway on Highway 26. Look for the statue of the white horse right at the junction of the Trans Canada Highway and Highway 26 and turn north!

Aside from points of interest at St. Francois Xavier, there are other significant sites in Winnipeg, such as..

– GRANT’S OLD MILL, on Portage Ave. and Booth St. (near the Grace Hospital) where tour guides are looking forward to meet members of the Grant Family 
– The MANITOBA MUSEUM which displays Cuthbert’s medicine chest and sword 
– FORT GIBRALTA and LOWER FORT GARRY, locations where Cuthbert worked for the NWC and HBC. 

Here’s what’s Planned:
Friday (Sept. 5) afternoon: 
Registration and getting acquainted at SFX Community Hall 
Saturday (Sept. 6):
– visit the sites
– make new friends
– share talents
– share stories and family photos
– presentations 
– opportunities to sell and trade
– meal
– dance and celebration 

Sunday (Sept. 7): 
Mass and Farewell 
Cost to cover hall rental, meal and dance is $ 10.00 per person. 
Children under 12 free. Additional Donations Welcome