Sept – Siol Cudbright

Many of you may say,,okay what is so important about A SEPT OF CLAN GRANT….well IT IS VERY IMPORTANT….not only for Descendants of CUTHBERT GRANT but for all us METIS, our time HAS COME….we will no longer be part of Societies lost Heritage group,,,we are a NATION to be PROUD of our mixed HERITAGE,,,,the best of the OLD world and the best of the NEW world. We are a generic mixing like no other and with that we carry great cultural and heritage genes. In staying that I am most honored to include in my METIS PRESENTATION to the SCOTTISH Government a full presentation that will include the huge musical talents of such legends as Ray St. Germain, the classy Sierra Noble and our very own Metis Cowboy Jerry Sereda. I also would like to thank Don Montgomery, Ron Rivard and Michael Morin for allowing me the privilege to bring with me their books to include in my presentation. Remember this is your SEPT, something to be most proud to be a part of. Also a HUGE thank you to Cameron Connal for agreeing to perform his famous show in the UK AT OUR 1ST EVER fundraiser at Dalnavert House July 6, 2013. 

Remember deadline for our 1st CREST, LOGO contest is Dec 22, 2012 and the prize is $ 50.00. Membership cards will be mailed out in JANUARY for those who have submitted their fee and form to me and the card will include the winning LOGO, CREST.

As well our first Newsletter will be out near the end of January, so make sure to tick the box on your membership form and include your email.


Hello All,

I wanted to let you all know about our 1st Official Sept Contest,


–         The contest will run from Oct. 16, 2012 until midnight Dec. 21/12

–         One entry is allowed per person

–         Must be in color

–         Must incorporate – the wording – STAND FAST &  SIOL CUDBRIGHT

–         Must have a Red Background

–         Can be either Logo or Crest Style

–         Must include the following: 3 GOLD CROWNS,  and either of the following:

–         Red River Cart, Metis Flag, Scottish Flag, White Horse, Buffalo, or any Metis Image

–         Send all contest entries via email to:

–         Contest is Open to all members of SIOL CUDBRIGHT Group members on Facebook

****The Prize will be $ 50.00 Cash prize****

The winning entry must be willing to sign a Release form to allow our Sept to use the Winning entry as our OFFICIAL CREST/LOGO and once deemed as winner the winning entry will be REGISTERED.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook or at the listed email address.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL who enter…..Remember this is your SEPT be a part of it all!!!!!

The final decision on the winner will come from Sir James in Scotland.


I am very PLEASE, EXCITED AND MOST THANKFUL to report this amazing NEWS, Our entry for NATIONAL TREE DAY – COMMUNITY CONTEST – IN HONOR OF SIOL CUDBRIGHT – OFFICIAL CUTHBERT GRANT SEPT – has be chosen the WINNER of a prize of $ 500.00 in the recent email contest. What a way to start a wonderful THANKSGIVING WEEKEND, all in honour of planting a wonderful BIRCH TREE CLUMP at GRANT’S OLD MILL in honour of the new GRANT CLAN SEPT – SIOL CUDBRIGHT. 

The wonderful prize of $ 500.00 will go towards our first Official Information session, t-shirts with logo, membership cards and more…..THANK YOU so much to everyone for the amazing support and encouragement over the past year as our hopes and dream of an OFFICIAL CUTHBERT GRANT SEPT of CLAN GRANT has become a REALITY, as with planting a new life, a tree, so shall we begin a new part of the journey for all of us CUTHBERT GRANT DESCENDANTS….HAPPY THANKSGIVING to one and all….