One Book Two Accounts on Where Cuthbert Grant is Buried…

It boggles the mind how ONE book can have TWO versions of where ONE person is buried. This info is from the SAME book – ST FRANCIS XAVIER – OUR FIRST HUNDRED YEARS, this was the book the Roman Catholic Parish suggested I consult, well consult I did.

Page 3 states this – In JUNE 1854 Cuthbert Grant fell from his horse and on JULY 15 he was buried the following day BESIDE the church at the SIDE of a former priest.

Page 96 in the SAME book states this – 2nd church – 80×33 feet – 1st mass was held midnight Xmas in 1833. In the chapel by the LONG WALL on the side of the epistle, the ASHES of Cuthbert Grant lay after his death.

SAME book and two different tales…..

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