Message from Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

Was so pleased to meet Canstar reporter Andrea Geary today at Grant’s Old Mill for the article that will appear in the Headliner, Metro and Times. So glad Sharon Blady was there as well for the photo, what a great Cuthbert Grant and Grant’s Old Mill Supporter.

I want to pass this email along that I received from the Private Secretary to the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF MANITOBA:

Dear Ms. Horyski,

The Honourable Philip S. Lee. Lieutenant governor of Manitoba has asked me to respond to your most kind invitation to attend the Cuthbert Grant Memorial Marker Unveiling Ceremony to be held on Saturday, September 28, 2013 p.m. at St Francois Xavier Parish, St Francois Xavier.

As Mr. Lee will be away from the province on this date, he has asked me to give you his regrets and to pass along his best wishes for a most successful event.

Chief of Staff and Private Secretary

To the Lieutenant Governor Of Manitoba

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