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Hi Sandra

Sorry not to have got back to you

Thank you for sending the images – the resemblance is striking!

What can I tell you about Cuthbert Grant in our exhibition? Well we very keen to explore how people are perceived by others – whether dress, religion, creed and so on – we wanted to challenge stereotypes and look at how those with Scottish links forged lives in Canada.

Cuthbert was fascinating – Scottish father and educated for a while back in Scotland – but returned to Canada and his Metis heritage. I tried desperately to find some links here in Scotland and went to the museum in Grant on Spey but obviously the main story lies in Canada. Though I never followed up on his brother who came back with him to Scotland and stayed – except checking a cemetery where I thought he may be buried.

When I saw his medicine chest in the Manitoba Museum? I wondered if he may have had some medical training in Scotland – not unheard for those in their teens to take up a medical course – John Rae – Arctic explore did just that graduating at 18 after 4 years, but despite trying to trace records I drew a blank.

We borrowed a rug from St Boniface Museum made by Maria Grant – We also went to Pembina Museum and followed some of the old trails

I have attached images of the rug and exhibition.

We did quite a bit in the exhibition about the NWC – who were mostly Highlanders – the HBC men were mainly from Orkney

Anyway hope this is of interest

Maureen Barrie
Exhibitions Officer
National Museums Scotland

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