JULY 2014 – 160TH Anniversary Celebration

Hello all,

As some of you may well know my mind is never idle for long and it is always thinking. As your Sept Stewart it is my duty and responsibility to PROMOTE and EDUCATE the GOODWILL of Clan Grant and to also PROMOTE and EDUCATE about Cuthbert Grant and Siol Cudbright.

These things are a PASSION and GREAT PRIVILEDGE for me.

July 15, 2014 will be the 160Th Anniversary of the death of Cuthbert Grant and I want to do it up right!!!! I am hoping to hold a SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY EVENT at some point for the weekend of July 11, 12, 13 2014 and would like YOUR INPUT.

I have already sent FORMAL INVITATIONS to the SCOTTISH FIRST MINISTER ALEX SALMOND for a possible visit as well as SIR JAMES GRANT.

The event I am hoping to include the St Francois Xavier Parish and RM.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions to make this 160th Anniversary Event a HUGE EVENT.

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