Happy Fathers Day

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my great great grandfather, CUTHBERT GRANT SR, you had the great courage to leave your homeland in the Highlands of Scotland, Cromdale with your Brother Robert, to set out to an unknown frontier a new land across the seas to a fate unknown.

You and your Brother Robert became partners in the famous Northwest Company and became key players in the Canadian Furtrade, you had many grand adventures and saw many new and unknown things, yet your spirit as a true highlander shown through and you forged new grounds and help build this great country we call home, Canada.

You never saw your Bonny Scotland again and lay somewhere near Fort William…..and you gave birth to a legend in the Metis Nation…..Cuthbert Grant Jr…….my great great uncle.

Funny how you left Scotland and came to the frontier of the new world, Canada and you and your kin left this world legends…..

I thank you for your courage and bravery to have the stamina to come to a unknown land and the legacy is so many grateful descendants.

I pay homage to your many sacrifices and the the life you left behind in the Highlands of Scotland, you never stepped foot back on Scottish Soil but in January 2013 I brought a part of you home to lay with your brother Robert in the cemetary in Cromdale…….STANDFAST and sleep well weary HIGHLANDER…….

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