Cuthbert Grant T-shirts

To Order Cuthbert Grant T-shirts

Hello Everyone, 

Wanted to update you all on the status of our CUTHBERT GRANT T-SHIRTS.

We are selling them $ 20.00 each and all proceeds after we cover the costs will go to Cuthbert Grant Historical Signage, will keep you up to date on funds raised and where it is going from.

The amazing t-shirt design is from member/descendant Kim Hunter, her talent blows me away, so a huge thank you to her. 

The decision has been made that we will have A BRICK SHIRT HOUSE here in Winnipeg print them out for us, thanks to Don for the info and I have been in touch with Rich there. I had sourced a few places and a local company seems better to save on freight etc. So we could keep the prices at $ 20.00 each.

The T-shirt is one of many I hope Fundraisers from our OFFICIAL CUTHBERT GRANT WEBSITE. 

Please send either your check or money order to me and a receipt will be sent with your t-shirt order. If you live out of Manitoba please send an additional $ 5.00 for postage and if it works out to be less than $ 5.00 I will send you the difference back with your t-shirt order.

Here is my info:

R2W 0R6

At the moment we will be offering sizes LARGE AND X-LARGE and the t-shirt color will be BLACK.

Have a super weekend all and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Yours in History…….

In regards to the sale of our wonderful CUTHBERT 
GRANT t-shirts at $ 20.00 we will hold a raffle for all who order 
t-shirts and one prize will be an item donated by: 

DAVID OF COOKING WITH THE WOLFMAN on APTN so if you would like a t-shirt please email me 
at: – they are black are we have sizes large and x-large


The winner of our CUTHBERT GRANT T-SHIRT DRAW IS – Lila Venables

Thanks for all the amazing support and for everyone who has purchased a t-shirt, Lila is the lucky winner of the MB. METIS FEDERATION JACKET….it is a beauty…..we are still selling t-shirts, they are $ 20.00 each and we have large and x large……keeping the legend that is CUTHBERT GRANT in the forefront and his flame burning for eternity..

All sorts of Cuthbert Grant material can be purchased from this online boutique (shirts, cards, memorabilia, etc):