Cuthbert Grant Day 2012


10:00 AM – Red River cart ride into the park. 

This will have Sir James, his partner Judy, & guests arriving by Red River Cart. The Winnipeg Police Service will escort them over the lawn from Portage Ave at Booth Drive. The pipe band will be playing. Arrangements by Armand Jerome (Jerome Cartworks).

10:00AM                                    PIPE BAND – Scotish pipers – (Winnipeg based)

11:00AM                                    NORMAND CHIEF DANCERS (Manitoba Metis performers)

12:00PM                                    SARAH HAYEK

                                                    (4th great granddaughter of Cuthbert and Marie Desmarais) accomplished local Metis (19 years old) artist who plays the violin and teaches violin.                                       

  2:00PM                                    JJ LAVALLEE—Manitoba Metis band known throughout  Canada–

  3:00PM                                     SIERRA NOBLE—

Feature entertainer of the day.

Manitoba Metis singer who is known throughout Canada and the USA—

  4:00PM                                     RAY ST.GERMAIN—Manitoba singer/preformer for many years throughout Canada–

10:00 AM                                    LIVING HISTORY

                                                     SOCIETY. ALL DAY—Manitoba based group displaying hetitage items and appearing in period clothing —

10:00 AM                                     ECHIBOY. ALL DAY—Winnipeg Metis displays and sells Metis material such as sashes-

10:00AM                                    METIFEST, ALL DAY — display of Metis items— (Manitoba Metis organization)

Well found out that this year for our CUTHBERT GRANT DAY, we will not be able to have Cuthbert Grant’s Medicine chest on loan again this year, it will be involved in a Community exhibit marking the RED RIVER SETTLEMENT BICENTENNARY which will run from Manitoba Day until end of September.

Nancy Anderson did speak to their new Curator of History and he may be willing to lend us Cuthbert Grant’s sword,,,which would be AMAZING….as there is quite a story behind that sword…..will keep you all posted


This year our ANNUAL CUTHBERT GRANT DAY will be held SATURDAY JULY 14, 2012 at Grant’s Old Mill.

Time – TBA

So far we have book – JJ LAVALLEE & RAY ST. GERMAIN

Stay tuned for further details