Cuthbert Grant Day 2011

Cuthbert Grant Day 2011 – HUGE SUCCESS

WOW what a great day yesterday was….huge thank you to JJ LAVALLEE, RAY ST. GERMAIN all the super volunteers who helped and to all of you who came out to support us on this wonderful CUTHBERT GRANT DAY, it was amazing and we had around 500 people in total…Manitoba Living History Society were amazing as were the Scottish Pipe Band and for also Etchiboy for his amazing sash stand

All our events in honor of CUTHBERT GRANT are all made possible by ALL OF YOU OUT THERE we support our events and DONATE TO OUR MUSEUM….we are keeping the LEGEND OF CUTHBERT GRANT BURNING BRIGHTLY. please all of you take a bow, you are all amazing.

Here were who were in period costume for Cuthbert GRANT DAY yesterday:

  • Nicholas Horyski as Cuthbert Grant
  • Nancy Fluto as Marie McGillis, Cuthberts third wife
  • Courtney Duncan as a young Metis girl, Marie Desmarais, daughter to Cuthbert Grant and his second wife Marie Desmarais
  • Ken fluto as Angus McGillis, Cuthberts father-in-law and father to Marie McGillis
  • Jack Watts as Pierre Falcon, Cuthberts best friend and legendary Metis poet who was with him at the battle of Seven Oaks
  • Sandra Horyski as Josephte Grant, Cuthberts sister
  • Robert Nolin, our Metis Elder in traditional costume in a Metis camp site
  • Jim Hutchinson chief cook at the BBQ

Our Cuthbert Grant Day this year will be held on July 9, 2011 at Grant’s Old Mill.

The event will run from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. the location is :

Grants Old Mill

2777 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
telephone: (204) 947-0438

Please join us for some great food, entertainment and great cultural displays.

Here is what will be happening so far:

  1. Ray St. Germain will perform at 5pm
  2. JJ Lavallee will appear – time TBA
  3. 2 Weaving workshops offered
  4. Sash Stall – will sashes
  5. Face painter for all
  6. Storytelling for the children on a Buffalo and Bear skin rug
  7. NCI FM will broadcast live
  8. CJNU will broadcast live
  9. Metis Elder Robert Nolin will be on site
  10. Manitoba Living History Society will be on site
  11. Scottish Pipe Band
  12. Cuthbert Grants Medicine Chest will be on display
  13. New Cuthbert Grant Historical Painting will be on display
  14. Bannock, hot dogs, coffee, juice