Clan Grant in Scotland

Clan Grant Society of the UK

A Welcome from the Chief of Clan Grant:

Ceud Mìle Fàilte!
I bid you welcome to the Website of the 
Clan Grant Society of the UK

In the 950 years since our progenitor arrived in Scotland, the history of Clan Grant has been fascinating and varied.

In days gone by, the pressures of the times and difficult lines of communication have meant that too many Clansfolk have lost touch with too much our heritage as they spread to the far corners of these islands and, indeed the globe. I am delighted that this medium has already allowed so many more to reconnect with the centre and has made possible the correction of many half-truths.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge and express my appreciation for the work to Sir Patrick Grant of Dalvey, David Grant Blythe and Robert Grant who between them kept the torch alight and maintained the UK Clan Grant Society over many years, providing the launchpad for so much of what is possible and is being developed today as you can see elsewhere on this site.

The last two years have been very busy ones for the clan. Beyond our now customary annual gathering at Abernethy in Strathspey and our rapidly becoming traditional annual Spring weekend in Harrogate, the Clan was represented at the Homecoming Weekend in Edinburgh in July 2009 and our 3rd International Gathering took place in Strathspey in August 2010. I was delighted that so many of you were able to take advantage of these opportunities to imbue yourselves even more in our lore and to see in what ways you may be able to contribute to the many projects we are anxious to see come to fruition.

In particular I hope that as many as feel able to will consider contributing to the development of Duthil Kirk as the Clan Grant Centre – much work continues to be needed before the potentially excellent facility can function as it might.

Sláinte Mhath and Stand Fast!


Sir James Grant of Grant, Lord Strathspey, Baronet of Nova Scotia
33rd Chief of Grant

Given at Duthil August 22 2010